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I'm taking a leap of faith here and enabling comments. I do have a couple of way to reject bot comments that seems to be working well. But comments are new here and we'll have to see if they are effective.

Hopefully the experiment doesn't end up like this!


3-D Printing? That's for toys and stuff, right?

You have probably seen things 3-D printed that are toys or decorative items like Spinners and Snowflakes and even some bigger things like the Whirlygig that I made. I admit that's it's a lot of fun to find something cool on Thingiverse and just whip it out on the 'ole 3-D Printer ... I've done it many, many times! Here are a couple of things I have done that aren't toys or sculpture ...

New 3-D Printing troubleshooting resource

rigid.ink, the UK premium filament manufacturer, has just publish the The Ultimate 3D Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide 2018. This new guide covers in detail 44 different and common printing problems. Well illustrated and very readable, it describes the causes and potential solutions for all of these issues.

I have already come up with some small changes that I want to try on my next print.

Give it a look ...


The first article

Looks pretty fresh around here!

We have rebooted the web site and given it a fresh new paint job. The new platform is Drupal 8 which is a big change from Drupal 7. I don't know if it is because they have improved it so much or just that I'm a little more comfortable with it but the new software feels better.

There are a lot of additions in the pipeline. For right now I have registrations and comments disabled while I set up to handle those if I decide to. I'd really like to get comments going but I need some other stuff first.

I plan on three additions:

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