New camera!

I have been unhappy with my older Foscam camera. It wasn't bad exactly but the night-time performance wasn't the best any more. The images were really fogged and indistinquishable. So I went looking for a new one.

I settled on Amcrest as a brand. They had recently bought out Foscam (I think) and had a wide range of affordable and not-so-affordable cameras.

At first I wanted another Pan-Tilt, maybe a Pan-Tilt-Zoom one but the ones I liked were a little outside my price range. And, rationalizing, I really didn't use the current PTZ really so why do I need another. I did want a wider field of view and found one that seems to meet my needs.

It an IP4M-1026E model and features a 118° FoV. It's also a PoE unit so I didn't have to run power out to the camera. I use a PoE injector to power the camera.

You can view the camera snapshots here on Weather Underground. I have some scripts running on a server in my home to capture the snapshots and upload them to Weather Underground.

Tonight I will be interested in seeing what the night performance is ...

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