The Impossible Cube

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I'm a puzzle guy. And this one looked like fun. I also had a few grams of "free" sample from I say it that way because I had to pay shipping from the UK to get it. But that's OK, I got 34 grams of bright green PLA to play with.

The suggested settings were a bit lower than what I usually use for PLA. The bed was 45℃ and the hotend at 180℃, the fan was set at 100% from layer 2 up. It printed well at those settings and very easily popped off the bed. The surfaces were very smooth, especially the top which was smoother than I usually get. The plastic has a nice feel in the fingers, not quite as slippery as ABS but smoother than some other PLA's I've handled.

One negative that I noticed, there was visible lifting in the corners. Especially the rear left corners of each part. As this was such a small part I was a little surprised. I have seen PLA lift before but on larger parts. I don't have enough of the sample left to try again with different settings.

Overall, I really like the puzzle and I am happy with the PLA although I would try some different settings for the next print.

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