About Us

Greybeard Prints In 3D is a business located in Bethel, Connecticut, USA that specializes in responsive design and print services for people looking for special items. They will print from your own design, designs discovered on the web such as on the Thingiverse site, or will work with you to design and print your own custom 3D design.

Possible suggestions for items to print include:

  • Gadgets and toys
  • Replace broken appliance parts
  • Brackets and adapters that are unique
  • Decorative items
  • and any other thing you can imagine

The materials used are varied and can be strong and resistant to heat, weather resistant, and colorful. The range of materials available is vast and you will get help choosing what is appropriate to you use.

A Thanks to drupalize.me

I would also like to put in a little unpaid and unrequested plug for a great webmaster resource, drupalize.me. I signed up for their classes and videos while rebuilding this site and got a LOT out of it. A month's subscripton goes a long way toward learning the ins and out of Drupal. And the official Drupal User Guide is even available for free, that's one of the best deals on the internet.

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